Offering a hook from the Real World to the Digital World is a powerful way to distribute content and establish a relationship with the consumer. But if you want to catch them on the go, it must be quick. Visual Metadata is cheap and easy to deploy and people love sharing photos. Yet the QR Code died. Why? Friction - you need a new app and to stand and scan to take a reading. Rival technologies may have ditched the code but not those critical stumbling blocks. The Gaggletag Responder is different...


Low Friction

There is no new app to download and install. We use the Twitter app most already have

Distribute Content

Responses can link out to anything: a video, an app in the right store, vouchers...


You own the relationship. We have no app - all communications comes from your account


Every interaction, from the lead and you, generates buzz that spreads your message across social media


There is no tech to deploy on site or integration with your app. It's just print


We provide reports with profiles of leads and track click-throughs to content


Incentivise your campaign with a Prize Draw, using our draw app on site

Photo Wall

We can generate a real-time photo wall for your hashtag that can be automatically filtered for photos with your Gaggletags

How it works…

Here's an example of how the Gaggletag Responder works in a Gallery-type situation

Visitors are given a call-to-action, such as "Tweet a photo of this picture with #gallery to find out more"
The visitor then Tweets a photo with the hashtag
They receive an immediate response with a link relevant to that exhibit that's visible across Twitter
The link takes the visitor to a webpage with more info, an audio clip plus an offer on a print in the gift-store

Top Applications

OOH Advertising

The Gaggletag Responder is the simplest solution yet for connecting traditional Out of Home advertising to the virtual world, activating posters and displays to deliver downloads, apps, trailers, vouchers and so on, while at the same time amplifying social buzz around the campaign and brand and capturing user information. Using an app most already have and without having to get close up to scan, there’s no hanging around - it’s snap and go.


In the busy environment of an event or conference it can be a struggle for your visitors to get access to the content and buzz they need and which will proliferate awareness of the products and services you’re there to promote. Putting Gaggletags on products, presentations, stands and other activities allows attendees to grab info on their way without weighing them down, while at the same time promoting you to their network.


The role of the retail store is changing. The Gaggletag Responder bridges the real and virtual worlds with an easily implemented means to let the customer snatch a link with just a click of an app they already have. Encourage a transaction on the spot or ensure the ROPO shopper can quickly find their way back to you when they’re considering their options later on.

Museums & Galleries

Stop struggling with the trade-off between accessibility and depth of information. And stop making crowds jostle to read small plaques. Place Gaggletags next to exhibits to let your visitors grab as much information as they want with snap and a tweet. Offer discounts to drive gift store traffic, on site or later, or audio guides without needing your own headset equipment

Residential Property

In a competitive market, quick access to information is vital for buyers scouting their favourite locations. Boards are as important as ever, to indicate what’s on sale and which agent to contact. By including a Gaggletag on your boards, prospects can gather full property details immediately as they tour and let you know of their interest by simply sharing a photo of the property

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