OOH Advertising

The Gaggletag Responder is the simplest solution yet for connecting traditional OOH advertising to the virtual world. Posters and displays are activated by the inclusion of a campaign-specific marker in their design . This enables low-friction access to downloads, apps, trailers, vouchers and so on, while at the same time amplifying social buzz around the campaign and brand and capturing measurable user information. Each location can have a specific tag to track it.

Simply sharing a photo of the ad on Twitter, together with a brand hashtag, triggers an instant campaign-specific reply from the brand - that all can see - with a link to any type of content, which can be accessed on the spot on later. Unlike QR codes, which have failed in this space, the Responder capitalises on an app most already have. It also does not need the user to get up close and steady to take a scan - a challenge in many OOH situations. The Responder can react to a tag taking up only a tiny portion of an image and at a wide variety of angles and lighting conditions. There’s no hanging around - it’s snap and go.