Snap-and-go Technology

The good old QR code, and indeed newer rival technologies, can be frustratingly slow. They require the user to use a special app to scan the code or display, holding their phone steady and straight on with the image large in shot, until they get a positive reading. This isn't ideal when the potential lead is busy about their business.

Our solution is different in that the lead can just snap a photo that includes the Gaggletag and move on, confident we'll pick it up and respond. This is possible thanks to the unique features of the Gaggletag's patent-pending design, ensuring our Cloud-based tag scanning engine can quickly spot it in a photo even when small, at tight angles and in a wide range of lighting conditions.

Below are some real world examples of Gaggletags in photos shared on Twitter that have been correctly spotted and decoded despite challenging conditions

detected_tags (5)
detected_tags (8)
detected_tags (10)
detected_tags (3)
detected_tags (9)
detected_tags (6)
detected_tags (4)
detected_tags (7)